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NLDAS Presentations

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Date Lead Presenter(s) Conference / Meeting Topic
Jul 2017 Youlong Xia NLDAS telecon Comparison of NLDAS-2 and NLDAS-2.5 Drought Monitor - A preliminary comparison for ensemble mean
Jun 2017 Youlong Xia NLDAS telecon Building a comprehensive evaluation framework for VIC model in NLDAS testbed
Apr 2017 David Mocko NLDAS telecon Comparison analysis between operational and LIS-based NLDAS drought monitor
Apr 2017 David Mocko 2017 NCR Water Resources Symposium Using land data assimilation systems for drought monitoring, water resources, and hydrologic indicators
Feb 2017 Craig Ferguson & David Mocko NLDAS telecon Diagnosing an artificial trend in NLDAS-2 afternoon precipitation
Dec 2016 Jason Otkin NLDAS telecon Assessing the evolution of soil moisture and vegetation conditions during the 2012 United States flash drought
Nov 2016 Augusto Getirana NLDAS telecon HyMAP routing model and its performance in the Land Information System framework
Nov 2016 Julian Koch NLDAS telecon Spatial validation of NLDAS models against seasonal LST patterns using innovative performance metrics
Oct 2016 Youlong Xia NLDAS telecon LDAS capability in simulating water and energy budget over the U.S. Rocky Mountains and China Tibetan regions
Sep 2016 Youlong Xia NLDAS telecon Comparison and assessment of three advanced land surface models in simulating terrestrial water storage components over the United States
Aug 2016 David Mocko NLDAS telecon NLDAS Science Testbed updates (CLSM, Noah-MP, and HyMAP router)
Aug 2016 Bala Narapusetty NLDAS telecon Update on optimal estimation of NLDAS climatology
Jul 2016 Youlong Xia NLDAS telecon Real-time NLDAS system - An upgrade from current OPS NLDAS-2 system
Jun 2016 David Mocko NLDAS telecon Recent updates on the NLDAS Science Testbed
Jun 2016 Youlong Xia NLDAS telecon Actual real-time NLDAS-2 test: Design and a preliminary comparison for Noah model
May 2016 Nicholas Dawson NLDAS telecon New methods for comparing in situ snow measurements to gridded products
May 2016 Jifu Yin NLDAS telecon A global blended drought index (BDI) from merging satellite observations and LSM simulations
Apr 2016 David Mocko NLDAS telecon Recent issues with NLDAS-2 precipitation resulting in soil moisture dry spots and solution with a new CPC precipitation quality control strategy
Mar 2016 Youlong Xia NLDAS telecon Basin-scale assessment of the land surface water budget components in NCEP operational and research NLDAS-2 systems
Feb 2016 Brian Cosgrove NLDAS telecon A brief overview of the operational implementation of the National Water Model (WRF-Hydro)
Feb 2016 Ted Bohn NLDAS telecon Enhancing the Variable Infiltration Capacity model to account for natural and anthropogenic impacts on evapotranspiration in the North American Monsoon Region
Jan 2016 David Mocko AMS Annual Meeting The NLDAS Science Testbed: An environment for the systematic evaluation and benchmarking of NLDAS outputs
Jan 2016 Shugong Wang AMS Annual Meeting Similarity assessment of NLDAS multi-model ensemble outputs
Jan 2016 Matt Rodell NLDAS telecon GRACE-based drought/wetness indicators
Jan 2016 Mike Hobbins NLDAS telecon NOAA's reference ET product and Evaporative Demand Drought Index (EDDI)
Nov 2015 Susan Stillman NLDAS telecon Validation of NLDAS-3 Tair product using in situ data
Nov 2015 Bailing Li NLDAS telecon A model-based groundwater drought indicator
Nov 2015 Bala Narapusetty NLDAS telecon Optimal estimation of NLDAS climatology
Sep 2015 Ming Pan NLDAS telecon 4-km (1/24°) surface meteorological forcing down-scaled from NLDAS-2 and radar/satellite products
Sep 2015 Ken Mitchell NLDAS telecon Length of background climatology and choice of land model on values of NLDAS Drought Monitor indicators
Sep 2015 Sujay Kumar NLDAS telecon Assimilation of GRACE terrestrial water storage estimates in NLDAS
Sep 2015 David Mocko NLDAS telecon Recent progress from LIS-NLDAS
Jul 2015 David Kitzmiller NLDAS telecon Geographic extent of effective radar precipitation detection
Jul 2015 Youlong Xia NLDAS telecon Spatial downscaling of hourly NLDAS-2 precipitation for NLDAS-3: Spatial variance analysis at monthly, daily, and hourly time scales
Jul 2015 Xiaogang He NLDAS telecon Statistical precipitation downscaling using random forests
Jul 2015 Roshan Shrestha NLDAS telecon Space-time downscaling of precipitation using a combination of stochastic and physical methods (Part 1Part 2)
May 2015 David Mocko NASA Goddard Sciences and Exploration Directorate Director's Seminar The NLDAS Drought Monitor
May 2015 Michael Ek &
Youlong Xia
NLDAS telecon Forcing generation plan for NCEP Land Data Assimilation Version 3 (NLDAS-3)
May 2015 Andrew Newman NLDAS telecon Development of an ensemble gridded hydrometeorological forcing dataset over the contiguous United States
May 2015 Ben Livneh NLDAS telecon Development of a spatially comprehensive, daily hydrometeorological dataset for Mexico, the conterminous U.S., and southern Canada: 1950-2013
May 2015 Xubin Zeng NLDAS telecon A review of 0.5 degree global hourly air temperature datasets
May 2015 Thomas Giambelluca NLDAS telecon Developing a land-surface meteorological forcing dataset for the Hawaiian Islands
Mar 2015 Michael Ek NLDAS telecon Current NCEP operational NLDAS-2 status, NCEP LDAS (NLDAS-3), and beyond
Mar 2015 Christa Peters-Lidard NLDAS telecon NASA LIS-based NLDAS status and future plans
Mar 2015 Guiling Wang & Dana Parr NLDAS telecon Integrating remote sensing data on ET and LAI with hydrological modeling
Mar 2015 Xitian Cai & Zong-Liang Yang NLDAS telecon Assessment of simulated water balance from Noah, Noah-MP, CLM, and VIC over CONUS using the NLDAS test bed
Jan 2015 David Mocko AMS Annual Meeting Integrated metrics and benchmarking for the North American Land Data Assimilation System
Jul 2014 David Mocko 7th GEWEX Conference Benchmarking the next phase of NLDAS using the Land Verification Toolkit (LVT)
Feb 2014 David Mocko AMS Annual Meeting Benchmarking the next phase of NLDAS using the Land Verification Toolkit (LVT)
Jan 2013 Christa Peters-Lidard AMS Annual Meeting The impact of soil moisture and snow assimilation on NLDAS drought metrics
Jan 2013 David Mocko AMS Annual Meeting Evaluation of new and upgraded land-surface models in NLDAS
Aug 2012 Kristi Arsenault Methods of Projecting the Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change Workshop NLDAS-2 updates and links to the hydrological and meteorological communities
Feb 2012 Hualan Rui AGU Chapman NLDAS views of North American 2011 extreme events
Jan 2012 David Mocko AMS Annual Meeting Land data assimilation of satellite-based soil moisture products using LIS over the NLDAS domain
Dec 2011 Hualan Rui Fall AGU NASA Giovanni Portals for NLDAS/GLDAS online visualization, analysis, and intercomparison
Oct 2011 Hualan Rui WCRP Open Science Conference Bridging the gap between NASA hydrological data and the geospatial community
Apr 2011 Youlong Xia NASA Drought Workshop Evaluation of NLDAS products and application to operational drought monitoring and prediction
Apr 2011 David Mocko NASA Drought Workshop The use of Earth observations in NLDAS for drought monitoring and prediction
Dec 2010 Hualan Rui Fall AGU New and improved GLDAS and NLDAS data sets and data services at HDISC/NASA
Dec 2009 David Mocko Fall AGU 30 years of NLDAS data at the NASA GES DISC
Dec 2009 Hongliang Fang Fall AGU NLDAS & GLDAS data access at NASA's HDISC
Sep 2008 David Mocko & Brian Cosgrove CPPA Meeting NLDAS NARR-based drought monitoring
May 2008 Brian Cosgrove Spring AGU NLDAS NARR-based drought monitoring
Apr 2007 Brian Cosgrove & Charles Alonge University of Nebraska-Lincoln NLDAS NARR-based drought monitoring
Mar 2007 Charles Alonge & Brian Cosgrove Internal Bias-corrected downward shortwave with GEOS data - update 2
Feb 2007 Charles Alonge & Brian Cosgrove Internal Bias-corrected downward shortwave with GEOS data - update 1
Sep 2006 Brian Cosgrove & Charles Alonge CPPA Meeting NLDAS NARR-based drought monitoring
Apr 2006 Brian Cosgrove & Charles Alonge LIS Science NLDAS NARR-based drought monitoring
Jul 2003 Brian Cosgrove GAPP Meeting NLDAS-E, NLDAS Overview
May 2002 Paul Houser GAPP Meeting LDAS Overview
May 2002 Ken Mitchell GAPP Meeting NLDAS Overview
May 2002 John Schaake GAPP Meeting NLDAS Soil Moisture Intercomparison
May 2002 Alan Robock GAPP Meeting Soil Moisture, Flux, Forcing Validation
May 2002 Brian Cosgrove GAPP Meeting NLDAS Forcing Overview
Apr 2002 Alan Robock EGS Meeting Soil Moisture, Flux, Forcing Validation
Mar 2002 Paul Houser Meeting LDAS Overview
Mar 2002 Ken Mitchell COLA Meeting NLDAS Overview
Jan 2002 Lifeng Luo AMS Annual Meeting Soil Moisture, Flux, Forcing Validation
Jan 2002 Dag Lohmann AMS Annual Meeting Streamflow & Snowpack Validation
May 2000 Brian Cosgrove AGU Spring Meeting Vegetation Parameter Mapping
(slides not available)
Mar 2000 Brian Cosgrove COLA Presentation LDAS Website Overview
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Jan 2000 Ken Mitchell AMS Annual Meeting NLDAS Overview
Jan 2000 Brian Cosgrove AMS Annual Meeting LDAS Website Overview
Nov 1999 Ken Mitchell GEWEX News Bulletin LDAS Overview
Nov 1999 Paul Houser LSHP Investigators Meeting LDAS Overview
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