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GLDAS Elevation

The GLDAS elevation field is based on the GTOPO30 Global 30 Arc Second (~1km) Elevation Dataset. The GTOPO elevation was averaged up to the GLDAS resolutions at 0.25 degree and 1 degree. The meteorological forcing fields (i.e. temperature, pressure, humidity and longwave radiation) are adjusted for differences in the GLDAS elevation and respective model terrain height, following Cosgrove et al. (2003). 


Elevation data used in GLDAS-2


  • Elevation data (NetCDF format) : 0.25 degree, 1 degree
  • Elevation data in Binary format (zip file including big_endian binary data, Fortran code, GrADS control file, and Python script to read in the 0.25 degree data contributed by Daniel McEvoy): 0.25 degree1 degree


GLDAS-1 Elevation

The same GTOPO30 elevation data is used in GLDAS-1 products. The difference from above GLDAS-2 elevation data is simply the land mask applied (i.e. UMD land cover based land mask in GLDAS-1 vs. MOD44W based in GLDAS-2).