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McNally, A., Jacob, J., Arsenault, K., Slinski, K., Sarmiento, D. P., Hoell, A., Pervez, S., Rowland, J., Budde, M., Kumar, S., Peters-Lidard, C., and Verdin, J.

Central Asia Extended Outlook: Reservoir water levels are low with a possible drought looming, 2021.

Elevated chances of drought in March to May 2022 rainy season in East Africa,


East Africa drought shown through soil moisture anomalies from the FEWS NET LDAS (FLDAS) system.

NASA image of the day (May 31, 2019) 

05/22/2019 Afghanistan season monitor includes figures (2 & 3) from FLDAS/LIS Central Asia modeling 

3/21/2019 FLDAS on Earth Observatory: Southern Africa drought