Distribution of all FLDAS products from the NASA GES DISC by calendar year:

Users of FLDAS datasets are encouraged to join the LDAS mailing list for updates on new data releases, new data services, data reprocessing, and data delays or outages.

01/01/2016 FLDAS_A (RFE2+GDAS) daily data with one-day latency available on GES DISC and GIOVANNI

02/03/2017 FEWS NET special report: Illustrating the extent and severity of the 2016 Horn of Africa drought

6/23/2017 new information added re: Central Asia snow modeling

10/1/2017 Central Asia snow modeling for USGS & FEWS NET transitioned to LIS7

11/1/2017 Water stress (runoff per capita) and runoff maps, added to LIS-FEWS NET webpage, check back for monthly updates!

12/1/2017 FLDAS products will be used by the new Earth Observations for Food Security and Agriculture Consortium (EOFSAC;

4/9/2018 Speed talk "New Tools for Monitoring Surface Water Availability" was presented at the All-FEWS NET meeting in Casablanca, Morocco.