FLDAS Vegetation Class and Landmask

FLDAS Vegetation Class and Mask Illustrations

This page illustrates the FLDAS unified land/water mask and the land cover data used in the FLDAS simulations. FLDAS-Noah uses the land surface datasets from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) as our "standard". 

IGBP MODIS landcover classification can be downloaded: HERE.
and discription can be found HERE.

The Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) based UMD veg classification datasets are used for VIC. Info on these data can be found HERE.

Eastern Africa (EA): 
image of EA land cover map
EA landcover map (PNG)


Western Africa (WA): 
image of WA land cover map
WA landcover map (PNG)


Southern Africa (SA): 
image of SA land cover map
SA landcover map (PNG)


FLDAS Land/Sea Mask Dataset

FLDAS adopted the MOD44W MODIS Water Mask as the standard land/sea mask. The mask data [Carroll et al, 2009] is produced at University of Maryland and described here. In order to create the land/sea masks on this page, the percent coverage of 0.01 degree water pixels in each FLDAS grid box was used such that grid boxes made up of more than 50% water were assigned a "water" value of 0 in the FLDAS land/sea mask, while all other grid boxes received a "land" value of 1. To download the netcdf data file click HERE.

MOD44W Global Landmask