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GLDAS Vegetation Parameters

Originally the UMD vegetation classification scheme was chosen for the standard scheme in the GLDAS project because of its accuracy in depicting the vegetation coverage of both the NLDAS domain and the rest of the world. A multi-step mapping process was used to derive parameter values for UMD vegetation types from parameter values associated with other classification schemes as described in NLDAS vegetation parameter page. The four land surface models (LSMs) included in the GLDAS1 products used the UMD vegetation classification scheme. The UMD vegetation types are mapped into the Noah LSM’s default, SiB vegetation types. The CLM’s vegetation is represented by plant functional types where it was remapped into the UMD class. The UMD scheme was default in the Mosaic and VIC LSMs. The GLDAS1 LSMs static vegetation parameter datasets are posted at the bottom of this page.

Current GLDAS approach is to use a land cover datatset that conforms with the LSM’s default vegetation classification scheme. No more re-mapping is applied. The model’s default vegetation parameter table is directly used in the GLDAS simulation. The GLDAS2/Noah LSM uses the modified IGBP 20-category, which includes 16 IGBP vegetation classes plus 3 classes of Tundra.

GLDAS2 Static Vegetation Parameters

  • The vegetation parameter table for Noah v3.3 is avaiable and described at the official Noah model website at NCAR Research Applications Laboratory (RAL).
  • The table contains three set of parameters for the different classification schemes. Refer to the second set, "MODIFIED_IGBP_MODIS_NOAH" section.
  • Noah: table, description

GLDAS1 Static Vegetation Parameters

  • These tables feature vegetation parameter values for Noah, CLM2, Mosaic, and VIC LSMs.
  • The monthly LAI and Greenness fraction values in Mosaic and VIC tables are not used in the simulations. They use the satellite based maps shown in the LAI/Greenness page.
  • Table of vegetation parameter for GLDAS1 LSMs (PDF).
    Noah, CLM2, Mosaic, VIC,
  • Actual Microsoft Excel file containing all four LSMs tables shown above. GLDAS1_vegparam_tbl.xlsx