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FLDAS - Central Asia

Noah-MP (version 4.0.1) and Noah (version 3.6) land surface model simulations over Central Asia (30-100°E, 21-56°N) are run within the Land Information System (LIS) framework at 1 km horizontal resolution continuously from Oct 1, 2000. They are forced with the 6-hourly GDAS atmospheric forcing. More details can be found in McNally et al. 2022, and related links are given below:

Snow Cover Fraction from land surface model Noah-MP & MODIS TERRA
(Click here to see latest MODIS TERRA Snow Cover from Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS), NASA/NESDIS,

NOAHMP Snow Cover Fraction

MODIS-TERRA Snow Cover Fraction


Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) for 2 Water Years


Asia Plots

Rootzone Soil Moisture Percentiles for 2 Water Years based on climatology WY2001-WY2022



Rootzone Soil Moisture Percentile

Rootzone Soil Moisture Percentile


Soil Moisture, Snow Water Equivalent, and Surface Temperature anomalies based on climatology WY2001-WY2022


Regional average of Snow Water Equivalent, Snowfall and Rainfall with climatology for Afghanistan


Surface Temperature, Snow Water Equivalent, Snow Depth and Rainfall for the entire Central Asia domain

NOAHMP ST, SWE, Snow Cover Fraction, and Rainfall Rate