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NCA-LDAS Assimilated Data

This page describes the datasets that are assimilated during NCA-LDAS simulations.

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The datasets that are assimilated include:

Name Variable / Data Platform(s) Years Reference
ESA CCI Surface soil moisture Various 1979-2002 Liu et al. (2011)
LPRM (AMSR-E) Surface soil moisture Aqua 2002-2011 Owe et al. (2008)
SMOPS (ASCAT) Surface soil moisture Metop-A/B 2007-2016 ATB Document
SMOPS (ESA) Surface soil moisture SMOS 2010-2016 Documents
SMAP Surface soil moisture SMAP 2015-2016 Documents
SMMR Snow depth Various 1979-1987 Document
SMM/I Snow depth Various 1987-2002 Document
AMSR-E Snow depth Aqua 2002-2011 Document
AMSR2 Snow depth GCOM-W1 2012-2016 Documentation
IMS Snow-covered area Various 1997-2016 Documentation
MODIS Snow-covered area Terra 2000-2016 Documentation
MODIS Irrigated area Terra Demand-based Ozdogan and Gutman (2008)


Based on the Ozdogan et al. (2010) method, a "spray" type irrigation scheme is used, where the scheme is "triggered" when root-zone soil moisture reaches a specified threshold in the model (e.g., 50% of field capacity). Also, the root zone based on the crop type is taken into account when applying the threshold. For more details, please refer to Ozdogan et al. (2010) (e.g., Section 4b).

NCA-LDAS timeline of assimilated data