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Model Ouput

Model output is available at NCCS Dataportal

Figure 1: Simulated daily surface (0-10 cm) soil moisture at 00Z on 25 September 2014 over the WLDAS domain. The inset map highlights the 1 km grid spacing of WLDAS products.


The files are organized into monthly folders with format YYYYMM/

Within each folder, daily files are contained with format

Where YYYY is the 4-digit year, MM is the two-digit month, DD is the two-digit day, HH is the two-digit hour, and mm is the two-digit minute. Times are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). For example, a file with the time stamp 20200910_0000 represents the 24-hour period ending at 0000 UTC on 10 September 2020.

Each netCDF file contains the variables below.

Table 2: Daily average output of the following variables is provided by WLDAS on a 0.01°x0.01° grid. Bolded fields denote that the variable is available at multiple soil levels (0-10 cm, 10-40 cm, 40-100 cm, and 100-200 cm below the surface). Variables with _f_ denote forcing data.

Variable Short Name Units
Soil Moisture SoilMoist_tavg m3 m-3
Soil Temperature SoilTemp_tavg K
Snowmelt Qsm_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Snow Water Equivalent SWE_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Snow Depth SnowDepth_tavg m
Snow Sublimation SubSnow_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Surface Snow Area Fraction SnowCover_tavg -
Total Evapotranspiration Evap_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Interception Evaporation ECanop_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Vegetation Transpiration TVeg_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Bare Soil Evaporation ESoil_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Total Canopy Water Storage CanopInt_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Surface Runoff Amount Qs_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Subsurface Runoff Amount Qsb_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Surface Net Downward Longwave Flux Lwnet_tavg W m-2
Surface Net Downward Shortwave Flux Swnet_tavg W m-2
Surface Upward Latent Heat Flux Qle_tavg W m-2
Surface Upward Sensible Heat Flux Qh_tavg W m-2
Downward Heat Flux in Soil Qg_tavg W m-2
Snowfall Rate Snowf_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Precipitation Rate Rainf_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Canopy Temperature VegT_tavg K
Bare Soil Temperature BareSoilT_tavg K
Surface Temperature AvgSurfT_tavg K
Surface Radiative Temperature RadT_tavg K
Water Table Depth WaterTableD_tavg m
Terrestrial Water Storage TWS_tavg mm
Groundwater Storage GWS_tavg mm
Wind Speed Wind_f_tavg m s-1
Rainfall Flux (Rain + Snow) Rainf_f_tavg kg m-2 s-1
Air Temperature Tair_f_tavg K
Specific Humidity Qair_f_tavg kg kg-1
Surface Pressure Psurf_f_tavg Pa
Surface Downwelling Shortwave Flux in Air SWdown_f_tavg W m-2
Surface Downwelling Longwave Flux in Air LWdown_f_tavg W m-2
Water in Aquifer and Saturated Soil WT_tavg mm
Latitude lat Degrees north
Longitude lon Degrees east