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If you have questions or issues in accessing or using LDAS datasets from NASA, please contact the GES DISC Help Desk (  The GES DISC has a team of experts who are able to rapidly respond and help you with downloading the datasets or using them in various services/programs.  The Help Desk also will be able assist with the file formats of the LDAS datasets as well as using them in your processing (e.g., GrADS, Panoply, R, Matlab, etc.).

If you have scientific questions about how the various LDAS datasets were constructed, we invite you to read the FAQ as well as detailed descriptions of the datasets using the top pull-down menus for each specific LDAS project.

If your scientific question is not addressed on the FAQ or the specific LDAS page, please contact the appropriate person as listed below:

GLDAS Contact: Hiroko Kato Beaudoing
NLDAS Contact: David Mocko
NCA-LDAS Contact: Michael Jasinski
FLDAS Contact: Amy McNally