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NLDAS: Specifications

The NLDAS domain extends from 25 to 53 North and -125 to -67 West.  The NLDAS Grid is defined as follows:

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Position Grid Column Grid Row Longitude Latitude
Lower Left 1 1 -124.9375 25.0625
Lower Right 464 1   -67.0625 25.0625
Upper Right 464 224   -67.0625 52.9375
Upper Left 1 224 -124.9375 52.9375

(latitude/longitude values represent center of 1/8th-degree grid boxes)


NLDAS Unified Mask

The NLDAS unified mask is based on unadjusted 1-km University of Maryland (UMD) vegetation data.

This NLDAS unified mask is used in all NLDAS modeling efforts.

Additional masks on the NLDAS grid are available on the NCA-LDAS Specifications page.

image of NLDAS unified land/water mask

A mask over the CONUS (contiguous United States) region of the NLDAS domain is also available in the NLDAS land mask file.

image of NLDAS CONUS mask