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NLDAS Phase 1 (NLDAS-1) data will be removed from the NASA GES DISC on 1 April 2020.

Numerous NLDAS Phase 2 articles have been recently published; please check the NLDAS publications page.

Number of distinct users, files downloaded, and total disk volume of NLDAS data downloaded from the NASA GES DISC by calendar year.

Users of NLDAS datasets are encouraged to join the LDAS User Mailing List.

NOAA implemented the NLDAS-2 system into NCEP Central Operations (NCO) on 5 Aug 2014.

Numerous variables from the NLDAS project are now available as time series.

A LIS blog post was recently published describing the new QuickDRI drought index.

The NOAA/EMC and NASA/GSFC NLDAS teams have published a white paper, which describes the vision for all LDAS systems at NCEP.

From 13Z 19 Feb 2018 to 12Z 21 Feb 2018, the NLDAS-2 hourly operational forcing "A" datasets had zero precipitation over all of CONUS and Mexico.