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NLDAS-2 data re-processed from 2022-08-01 to 2024-03-01

NLDAS-2 datasets for all collections (FORA, FORB, MOS, NOAH, and VIC) were re-processed for the dates 2022-08-01 to 2024-03-01.  This includes both the hourly and monthly (August 2022 to March 2024) collections.

Both the v020 netCDF-4 data and the v002 GRIB-1 data were re-processed.

The re-processed data were available from the NASA GES DISC as of 7 June 2024.  Any NLDAS-2 data during this period (2022-08 to 2024-03) downloaded before 7 June 2024 should be re-downloaded.

For details on the need for the re-processing, and some sample images from the new (compared to the original) datasets, please see this pdf file.