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NLDAS-2 Validation Information

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Soil moisture evaluation:

Soil temperature evaluation: 

2013 Xia et al. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol. Validation of Noah-simulated soil temperature in NLDAS-2

Evapotranspiration evaluation: 

2014 Xia et al. Hydrological Processes Evaluation of NLDAS-2 evapotranspiration against tower flux site observations
2014 Matsui and Mocko Chapter in Encyclopedia of Natural Resources - Land - Volume I Transpiration and physical evaporation: Regional and seasonal variability over the conterminous United States
2014 Long et al. Water Resources Research Uncertainty in evapotranspiration from land surface modeling, remote sensing, and GRACE satellites
2011 Peters-Lidard et al. Hydrological Processes Estimating evapotranspiration with land data assimilation systems

Runoff/streamflow evaluation: 

Snow evaluation: 

NLDAS validation from NLDAS Phase 1 is also available from NOAA/NCEP/EMC.