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Output data for several FLDAS model runs and selected periods have been reprocessed. 

McNally, A., et al.: A Central Asia hydrologic monitoring dataset for food and water security applications in Afghanistan, ESSD, 14, 3115–3135, 2022.

Central Asia Extended Outlook: Reservoir water levels are low with a possible drought looming, 2021, .

Elevated chances of drought in March to May 2022 rainy season in East Africa,


We are pleased to announce the release of the new and reprocessed Global Land Data Assimilation System Version 2 data.  Please read the announcement of 

With the upgraded Land Surface Models (LSMs) and updated forcing data sets, the GLDAS-2.1 production stream serves as a replacement for GLDAS-1.  Therefore, the GLDAS-1 production stream will end with the March 2020 data.  The entire collection will be aviable at the

NLDAS Phase 1 (NLDAS-1) data will be removed from the NASA GES DISC on 1 April 2020.