FLDAS datasets publicly available

Monthly FLDAS datasets are available from the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC). See a summary of the domains (East, West and Southern Africa), Models (Noah33, VIC4.1.2) and forcing (CHIRPS and RFE rainfall, MERRA and GDAS meteorological variables) HERE.

data is available via ftp: HERE.
More info is in the GES DISC release announcment re: download/subsetting/plotting options that are available through the services of: Mirador, Discover Earth Science Data, Giovanni, and OPeNDAP - HERE.
Daily datasets are available upon request. All datasets are netCDF format.
Please see the tabs on the left as well as the FLDAS README file for more information.

For a look at the latest soil moisture conditions over the three Africa domains go HERE.

FLDAS derived outputs are featured in FEWS NET reports "Illustrating the extent and severity of the 2015 Ethiopia drought".
"Illustrating the extent and severity of the 2015-16 Southern Africa drought".

See FLDAS derived soil moisture compared NDVI and ESA CCI Soil Moisture in the article "Evaluating ESA CCI soil moisture in East Africa" in the International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation.

LDAS Mailing List

Users of FLDAS datasets are encouraged to join the LDAS mailing list for updates on new data releases, new data services, data reprocessing, and data delays or outages.