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GLDAS datasets are available from the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC)

The new Hydrology DISC portal enables both ftp and Mirador access to 3-hourly and monthly GLDAS datasets. GLDAS 3-hourly and monthly datasets are also available via Giovanni. Giovanni is an online application developed by the GES DISC that allows researchers to rapidly explore data, so that spatial-temporal variability, anomalous conditions, and patterns of interest can be directly and easily analyzed online before optionally downloading the data. Supported download formats include HDF, NetCDF, ASCII, and KMZ.

GLDAS products available from the GrADS Data Server (GDS)

GLDAS products are also provided to GrADS Data Server (GDS) users. GLDAS GDS users can perform subsetting and analysis operations without first downloading the data.

NEW GLDAS Simulations

We are currently running new simulations from 1948 to present using the Princeton meteorological forcing dataset. We are also preparing to replace the Mosaic LSM with the Catchment LSM, and CLM-2.0 with CLM-3.5. The results are distributed as they become available. Look for GLDAS-2 products at the Data Holdings website.

LDAS Mailing List

Users of GLDAS datasets are encouraged to join the LDAS mailing list for updates on new data releases, new data services, data reprocessing, and data delays or outages.

GLDAS data usage at the GES DISC

Distribution of all GLDAS products from the NASA GES DISC for calendar year 2017:

  • Number of Distinct users: 6824
  • Number of Files: 26,579,312 (over 26 million)
  • Total Volume: 196 Tb (almost 200 Tb)